A relational project that I initiated together with three girls who came to Sweden as unaccomapied minors. 

All of them had been granted asylum at the time when the project started, and was living at an asylum home for youths.

We met continiously in their rooms and had conversations that led to the devleopment of different forms of spatial furnitures that aimed at making it possible for them to practice a form of control over the institutionla rooms that they were living in. 


Social furniture

A ongoing conversation that came to be about missing a semi-private space to meet with friends in the asylum home.

The design proposal is a social platform where the walls can be moved and re-configured. 


This girl was missing the landscape in Syria and was interested in the differences between indoor- and outdoor environments, something that led into a design proposal that emanated from a flower shape that could be mounted together into different configurations.


This girl expressed a need for a safe room, to install inside the asylum home, a room that she also could bring with her when moving.

This led to the making of a bed that could be closed in with curtains. 

The bed is mountable and the main structure is made out of moving boxes.