Erika Henriksson


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I’m an architect from Kalix in the north of Sweden, currently living in Trondheim, Norway.

Through an altering practice of architecture, influenced by feminist ethics and values, I work in performative and exploratory manners that combine hands-on making with relational and collaborative processes, that often emanate from personal and intimate relations to people, places and materials.


I’m interested in social and material relations, power structures and different ways to shape and organize life, and through my practice I search to construct paths away from dominant and hegemonic forces of efficiency, categorization and economic value by making openings for alternative values and states of being and doing. 


At the moment I’m working on finalizing my PhD-thesis, Performing Architherapy -About crafting a building practice for caring relations.


October: Interview about concept and practice of Architherapy, in the Estonian culture newspaper Sirp
September: Holding the lecture 'Architherapy' at The Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallin, Estonia
September: Participating in the art festival 'Art in the periphery -hot ot not', Rena, Norway
August: Holding the presentation 'Making-with', at VI PER gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
July-September: Artist in residence at Kunstarena, Rena, Norway

April: Elected board member of Womens building organisation, Sweden
January : Selected fellow at Future Architecture platform 


EDUCATION (program)

2014-2021: PhD- candidate (practice-based research architecture) NTNU, Trondheim, Norway


2014-2015:Exploring fieldwork: A critical consideration of empirical methods in design research (PhD-kurs7.5p)

2011-2013: Laboratory of Immediate Architectural Intervention (master program) School of Architecture, Umeå, Sweden

2010-2011: Outreach Program: 20K-project, Rural Studios, US, Alabama

2010:Socialanthropologi (15p), Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sverige

2005-2009: Architecture program (bachelor), KTH, Stockholm, Sweden


2020: MENDABLE -climate and environment in contemporary art practices, House of Foundation, Moss

2018:Architecture and Anthropology conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

2018:Ca2Re, Conference for Artistic and Architectural (Doctoral) Research, Berlin, Germany

2018: 'We live in cities of sites', theatre-performance, Svartlamon Trondheim

2016: Table, Trondheim Open, Trondheim, Norway

2015: presentation: What it means to make present, Brussels

2013: lecture: Activist in movement, NTNU, Trondheim

2013: Bildmuseet, Umeå (master exhibition)


2017: Extension of summer house, Kalix, Sweden

2013: Remodulation, villa Levanger, Norway. Collaboration w. Diana Espinosa Albornoz

TEACHING (architecture):

2016: Building workshop for architecture students at NTNU, collaboration together w. Andrew Freear & Elena Bathel from Rural Studios and Sebastian Østlie, NTNU

2016: Bachelor course architecture, NTNU, Trondheim

2016: Bachelor course architecture, NTNU, Trondheim

2013: Master course architecture, NTNU, Trondheim


2013 -2016: Researchassistant, ”What buildings do” - The Effect of the Physical Environment on Quality of Life of Asylum Seekers, NTNU, Trondheim, Norge

2008-2010: SIMKA, Stockholm, Sweden (landscape architecture, scenography and art practice)

2007-2008: Vegesack Arkitekter, Stockholm, Sweden