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EDUCATION (program)

2014-: PhD- candidate (Artistic research / practice-based research in architecture) NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

2011-2013: Laboratory of Immediate Architectural Intervention (master program) Umeå School of Architecture, Umeå, Sweden

2010-2011: Outreach Program: 20K-project (post-graduate), Rural Studios, US, Alabama

2005-2009: Architecture program (bachelor program), KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

EDUCATION (courses)

2019: Communications (PhD-course 7.5p)


2016:  Cordwood construction course (Leader: Ulf Henningsson)

2014-2015: Exploring fieldwork: A critical consideration of empirical methods in design research (PhD- course 7.5p)

2010: Social anthropology (15 p), Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sverige


2021: ‘Art in the periphery -hot or not?’, Rena, Norway

2020: MENDABLE -climate and environment in contemporary art practices, House of Foundation, Moss

2018: 'We live in cities of sites', theatre-performance, Svartlamon Trondheim

2016: Trondheim Open, Trondheim, Norway


2021: Fellow at Future Architecture program with 'Architherapy'


2023: Paper presentation 'Moving towards different directions' at UIA Sustainable futures -Leave no one behind, Science Track - Design for Partnerships for Change: Re-framing Commons

2022: Lecture 'Joining what already exist', at seminar, 'Unfolding dreams', Folkets hus Mustadfors, Dals Långed, Sweden

2022: Presentation 'Building Relations' via AES, Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden

2021: Lecture 'Architherapy' at The Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallin, Estonia

2021: Presentation: 'Making-with', at VI PER gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2020: Artis talk at seminar for ‘MENDABLE -climate and environment in contemporary art practices’, House of Foundation, Moss, Norway

2018: Presentation ‘Exploring Architecture’ at Architecture and Anthropology conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

2018: Presentation ‘Architherapy’ Ca2Re, Conference for Artistic and Architectural (Doctoral) Research, Berlin, Germany

2016: Lecture ‘Activist in movementt’ for master course NTNU, Trondheim

2015: Presentation ‘What it means to make present’ at Practice Research Conference

KU Leuven, Brussels, Belgium

2013: Lecture ‘Activist in movementt’ for bachelor course NTNU, Trondheim


2022: RURAL MOVEMENTS: Chorographical architectures / Architectonical choreographies, Östra Ämtevik, Sweden (May)

2021: Artist in Residence at Kunstarena, Rena, Norway (July - September)


2023: Conference paper: 'Moving Towards Different Directions—Thoughts About Thinking-with Environments and Each Other' in the book Design for Partnerships for Change, Springer

2023: Article: 'Likbodsprojektet -ombyggnation med kubbteknik och återbruk av material'  in Åter 1/23

2023: Text 'Dancing with Strength and Despair on Unknown Paths' in Experiments platform publication

2022: The essay: ‘A wall is a wall is a wall -a careful movement through sites of relational possibilities’ in the book: ‘Forest, Body, City, Flow. Landscapes of Care’. Yue Mao, Naomi van Dijck, Radha Smith – NOMAOS (eds.), dpr-barcelona

2013: ’Activists in Movement: Unaccompanied Minor Refugees and the Formal and Informal Approaches to Life’, LiAi UMA


2024: Participatory Design and Build summer course, Dals Långed

2022 - ongoing: Lecturer in Design with a focus on spatial design, at HDK-Valand- Academy of Art and Design, Göteborg

2022: Mentor in the educational program 'Experiments platform' ​

2016: Building workshop for architecture students at NTNU, collaboration together w. Andrew Freear & Elena Bathel from Rural Studios and Sebastian Østlie, NTNU

2013 - 2016: Bachelor and master courses in architecture, NTNU, Trondheim

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