In motion
2021 (July-September)
Rena, Norway

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Sculpture that has been formed through an open and explorative making process engaged in the forest, trees and wood as a relational material to become with.

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Process -unfolding along the way

The sculpture was made during a residency at Kunstarena, located in the forest, in the inland of Norway.

It took form through my methods of working site-specific and without having planned out any end result when starting a new project. Instead I develop the work in relation to the opportunities and possibilities that exist within a projects context.

This means that I let the ides that emerge in me when meeting the new environment and its social and material possibilities to take the lead in how the work unfold.

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The 19-meter-long sculpture got its form and is carried up by stubs that was standing on the site. They are holding up a beam made of recycled wood coming from a Kunstarena’s nearby neighbor, Sven. 

The masonry wall is made out of windfallen trees laying in the forest around the sculpture and a mortar made out of clay, sand, horse feces, straw and sawdust; Materials that I have been gathering from the surrounding landscape. 

The metal frames are recycled material from Kunstarena and the neighbor Ole-Erik.

Some moments in the building process were done with great help from:

Beam (building): Sebastian Østlie

Beam (splitting logs): Sven Grønstad

Metal plates (”roof”): Morten Gran